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How a migration on HubSpot CMS doubled EASYRECRUE's productivity

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Mise à jour le 27 février 2023

The Company

EASYRECRUE is a French company that has developed a recruitment management platform to provide a unique Talent Experience that "optimizes the path of your talents, from their recruitment to their evolution in the company". They have more than 540 customers over the world and more than 1 000 000 talents in 120 different countries.

The Challenge

EASYRECRUE is familiar with HubSpot Solutions because its team has been using Marketing Hub Entreprise and Sales  Hub Professional since 2016 to deploy an inbound marketing strategy. The company used Symfony2 to manage its home-made website that was created by the company's developers. These developers are now focus on developing the Talent Platform.

So by the end of 2018, the marketing team was looking for a way to improve their actual website in order to reduce the time spent in the administration of the site. Indeed using this home-made website was heavy to maintain and the marketing team couldn't create new pages without the developer help. 

Also, due to their prospects and customers that are mainly large international companies such as Dassault, Renault and McDonald’s, EASYRECRUE needed to have a multilanguage website that was easy to maintain.

The third pain was to improve the performance of its inbound marketing strategy. As a masterpiece of inbound marketing the future website should be able to improve SEO rankings, funnel conversion...

Final challenges to face were: a very short delay (3 months), lack of internal ressource and restricted budget.


home-avant-2Home previews of the old website

The Solution

Our Kilimandjaro template from HubSpot Marketplace as a base

As an answer we proposed a hybrid solution: Create a new website on HubSpot CMS based on our homemade website template KILIMANDJARO. Working on a HubSpot Template pack is less expensive than creating a complete custom website. Our template pack also provides all templates and modules that a marketing team needs to create pages, landing pages or emails. And then this template pack offers flexibility and customization to improve administration and productivity.

In addition to KILIMANDJARO, we proposed our services of custom development of several website's pages. The goal was to create a personalized and unique website that matched with what EASYRECRUE wanted for the design of their brand new website.

Project Management

1st monthly sprint - Strategy

The kick-off of the project happened at the end of July 2019. During this stage we did a review of the activity and personas of EASYRECRUE. We also set up Easyrecrue's HubSpot platform with Kilimandjaro. Finally we customized the elements of our template to align to EASYRECRUE's brand creating an Atomic Design System to match EASYRECRUE's identity.

Planche Atomique - Easy Recrue

2nd monthly sprint - French Website as a base

Based on the Atomic Design System, our HubSpot CMS developers personalized whole templates, modules, and created custom elements. We also coached EASYRECRUE's marketing team on how to create French pages, and we trained the team on how to use Kilimandjaro. 

3rd monthly sprint - Adjustment stage and multilanguage

During August and September we migrated the content to their new multilingual website (English, Spanish and Italian), and finalized the french version. At the end of those three stages we launched EASYRECRUE's new website on the 2nd of October.

The Results


On Time, On Spec, On Budget

This project was achieved in 3 months without extending the budget. It's a big success for Easyrecrue Marketing Team because this migration was a complicated project and direction had great expectations about it.

2X productivity

Thanks to flexibility and easy-to-use templates and modules the marketing team has doubled up its productivity.

My objective was to spend less time fixing the website and more time on lead generation. Now, I barely spend an hour a week working on the website

- Baptiste Saugeron - Marketing at EASYRECRUE

66% increase in Demos

The migration also strongly impacted the number of inbound demand for Demos by 66%.

0,4% increase in qualified leads 

With this new website EASYRECRUE generated more leads than what they were doing before and the migration on HUBSPOT CMS was a great choice as the conversion rate of visits into qualified leads increased from 0.6% to 1%. This increase directly impacted the bottom line.


We really thank all of EASYRECRUE's team and mostly Baptiste Saugeron and Marie Ganau for their collaboration. They are awesome partners to collaborate with.

"With Ideagency we have been able to redesign and migrate our corporate website to the HubSpot CMS in just 3 months to coincide with the launch of our Talent Experience Platform. They were able to meet tight deadlines and respond to our expectations to create a multilingual site at the optimised, aesthetically pleasing and flexible."

- Marie Gannau, Marketing Director at EASYRECRUE


For the future EASYRECRUE's plans are to work on achieving better conversion rates by using the SEO Optimization Tool and Smart Content. Growth Driven Design (GDD) will also help EASYRECRUE to continuously improve their website and reach for increasingly better performance.


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