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Inbound Marketing Optimized

6 authentic characteristics

Fully User-Centered

Its endlessly editable interface follows the best UX practices ! Let your imagination run free...


Save time! Modify your content without accessing the code: drag and drop any of its features!

100% Responsive

Created for speed “40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load".

Regularly updated

Stay competitive and access to every single update for FREE!

SEO Friendly

A crawler friendly code so you can concentrate on creating content

Free Support

Become an insider of Kilimandjaro by attending our free trainings opportunities!


FAQs : It’s all about innovate your business

Yes. We're constantly updating our template. For example, we're currently working on a multilingual version, and on the integration of the HubDB. If you have any other suggestions, please contact us!

You'll receive an email listing Kilimandjaro's updates and they'll be automatically implemented on your site.

We've built Kilimandjaro to be as flexible as possible, but if you're finding any difficulties, please send us an email with all your requirements. We'll release them on the next update.

Of course! One of our strength is that we offer a per-unit of template option, wihtout any engagement. Therefore you can purchase, one, two, tree or more template, at your convenience!

Live Examples

Kilimandjaro has been used by some of our customers. Be curious, cast a glance at the fabulous realisations we've made...


How Does It Works?

Here are the different steps to launch your website!


A Marketing Centered Template

To build a powerful website, it is fundamental to devote time to the analysis phase. This part is really important since you'll define your marketing strategy, your personae, your theme and so on..

Here are some trendy design tips to make a difference :

  • Highlight your culture code with custom-designed templates
  • Be as fashion & aesthetic as possible
  • Include videos, your website must be dynamic & interactive
  • Thanks to this endlessly editable function, you can constantly improve your templates

Design and Code Support

Once you have establihed a plan and clearly defined a goal, it's time to start developing your website. And it's on everyone's reach!

We created a crawler friendly code solution so you can concentrate on creating content. As a matter of facts, you can save a lot of time time thanks to this drag & drop solution.

  • Easy to pick up
  • Save time
  • An attentive team to support you

Your website is now ready

Now, it's time to launch your website! Check that every previous settings are operational and don't forget to keep a regular maintenance of your website: what can be improved in the future? You can use the GDD methodology!

So, why Kilimandjaro is made for YOU ?

  • One click and site ready to use
  • Your business deserves the best software
  • We Provide Awesome Free Services

Pricing Table

Kilimandjaro Light

$650 USD
Single Purchase
  • 15 Website Pages
  • 2 Blogs
  • 1 Error Website Page
  • 1 Email Template
  • 1 Landing Page
  • 1 Simple Menu
  • 3 Layouts
  • 1 Pillar Page

Full Kilimandjaro

$1,500 USD
Single Purchase
  • 28 website pages
  • 6 Blogs
  • 4 Error Pages
  • 3 Email Templates
  • 2 Confirm Subscription Templates
  • 2 Confirm Unsubscription Templates
  • 2 Search Results Templates
  • 2 Landing Pages
  • 2 Menus: Simple & Complex
  • 7 layouts
  • 1 Pillar Page
  • Multilingual
  • HubDB

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